Top 6 Offbeat Destinations in Thailand That You Must Visit In 2021

Top 6 Offbeat Destinations in Thailand That You Must Visit In 2021

As we have finally set into the mood and spirits to plan a vacation, a long after a dreary and stressful year of 2020, we can’t really skip to include Thailand from our bucket list of 2021. And if you do ignore, you might regret it later so don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you. There is no other destination that reminds us of everything that sounds like rejuvenation, relax, indulgence, exotic white surfs, refreshing vibes and exuberant spirits round the year than Thailand. It is a land of full moon parties, vibrant, upbeat culture and exquisite landscapes. It radiates inimitable splendor, candor and unpredictably lavish, wild madness that one can’t have enough of it. Visiting Thailand can be a wild party all day long. Since, it’s a tropical Island, the best time to visit this holiday destination is clearly throughout the year. There’s a lot that Thailand has to offer that sometimes remain ignored or just gets overlooked in the pool of options one might have to explore in a single trip. However, this blog will take you to a mini trip to all the exotic offbeat destinations in Thailand that you might have ignored in the sea of options till now but not anymore.  These rare, hidden gems can definitely turn out to be a delightful slice of life in the years to come.

Feel the Life of Pai: Feel every bit of life gushing through your senses the moment you step into Pai. It is a backpacker paradise of Northeast Thailand and a destination that can be a hippie’s delight, an invigorating escape from mainstream Thailand. Expect to meet up with some Hippies on the way flaunting those wild, killer & spunky Disney fairytale dreadlock hairstyles. Nature literally thrives here in all the marvelous shades of awe-inspiring wilderness. It is nestled in the mountains and blessedly covered with lush greenery, heavenly waterfalls and roaring rivers all galore.  Explore and soak in the wilderness as much as you can here. You might also want to check out few riverside pubs and bars beaming with electric music. A day long trip to Tham lod caves with a musical river flowing through it can make your senses and spirits go wow. Make sure you don’t miss out on this coolest place at all if trying something new and unexplored is what pumps up adrenaline all through your spirits.

Way to Enroute: Take a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. A 3-hour bus ride from Chiang Mai takes you to Pai.

Koh Tao is Calling and you Must Go: Dive into the pool of awesomeness the moment you step into this one hell of the crazy diving destinations of the world. However, it literally got the lot of pearls in its seashell but one of the best things about this place is that it wouldn’t pinch a hole in your pockets. It is an affordable destination but also, one of the most exotic and rarest ones as well. Visit this gem to dive into pristine, sparkling blue waters or just to get soaked in the splash of colours, its rich marine life and the corals have in store for you. Diving doesn’t sound like you; then rejuvenate your senses at its secluded jasmine white beaches, insane parties, mellow and comforting lifestyle that instantly detoxifies and replenishes. You might wish to stay later than you actually planned to. This is also the coolest destination for Scuba diving.

Way to Enroute: Take a flight from Bangkok to Surat Thani. A 4 hour ferry from there takes you to Koh Tao.

Say Cheers to Chiang Mai: Friendly, warm and welcoming people, delectable street food, an amazing blend of vibrant culture and magnificent mountains is what makes this gem one of the most cheerful and delightful destinations to be explored around. Far away from the hustle and bustle of bustling tourist destinations, this can be a breather. A place where you can actually find solace. It can definitely turn out to be a hiking paradise for you if Hiking is what entices you a great deal. Just strolling around the city can open up to you the treasure of memorable experiences and riveting stories that will remain etched in your heart & mind forever. It bears close proximity to many amazing National Parks and you can also learn to cook delicious Thai food and if you love elephants then becoming an elephant trainer for a day can be life defining experience for you in inexplicable ways. You can also try some martial art training if you really enjoy the thrill of Martial Art. There is clearly no dearth of exciting options that one can truly rejoice in Chiang Mai. The best thing that must be tried here is Ziplining through the Rainforests, and spotting wild Gibbons

Way to enroute: Take a flight directly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Get Captivated in Koh Phangan: Koh Phangan is one of the most captivating islands of the world. It boasts of two personalities and each of them is more beautiful and spellbinding than the other. It also showcases that how humane this island can be. Most often, it is one of the most idyllic places. You can try different activities here; lazying around on a beach while getting sunbathed and sunkissed or hike in the jungles. You can also dive deeply into divine turquoise waters or simply chill or groove in the bars for a fantastic evening. The loveliest thing that you get to do here is insane party under the moonlit sky on a glistening full moon night. “Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale?” well, it can definitely get better than that. This magical carnival finds its abode at Haad Rin Beach packed with around 30,000 party animals from across the world joining to witness this surreal extravaganza. You can expect a lit night packed with a punch, overloaded with awesome drinks, killer music, electrifying fire stunts, intoxicating dancing and insanity that can go over the moon (quite literally :P).

Way to enroute:  Take a flight directly from Bangkok to Surat Thani. A 2 hour ferry from there takes you to Koh Phangan.

Soak into the Serenity of Koh Lanta:  Waters as pristine as if sent straight from an otherworldly HD galaxy, a delightful cocktail of untouched, unexplored beaches, and an invigorating, relaxed ambience. This is one of those places that once you arrive there, your soul becomes so captivated that it never really leaves your mind and your soul. If you choose to visit here, all you need to do is to just sit back & relax.  Just lounge on the beach, get wonderstruck with exquisite sunsets. Chill at the beaches and seaside bars. There are some stunning locations here where you can explore the adventure of diving. Explore hidden caves, hike through gorgeous tropical forests, do away your blues in dense, lush mangroves. Scuba diving is the best thing you can do here and Koh Lanta is one of the best things you can experience in your life.

Way to Enroute:  4 – 5 hours from Bangkok by flight & ferry your way to Koh Lanta

Experience the Wild Magic of Kanchanaburi: If you’re keen on exploring rare and unseen facets of historical significance. It can be a huge treat for all history buffs out there. It boasts of incredible landmarks, precious wartime memorials, dense jungles, picturesque landscapes, scenic wildlife in magnificent National Parks, and surreal riverside villages. You must explore stunning Trekking opportunities in Erawan National park or get spellbound by gorgeous seven tiered waterfall.

Way to enroute: It’s a 2-3 hours away from Bangkok by bus or train.

These six offbeat destinations are not just destinations to be visited but they can be truly a life-defining and soul-satisfying experience for you in the most unimaginable aspects. This can also be a welcoming escape from the regular, mainstream destinations and hence, sans of all unwanted bustling crowds. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Thailand Tour Package out of the range of amazing Holidays Packages we offer for Thailand and make 2021 an exciting and a very special year for you.

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