Baku Tour – Make Unforgettable Memories

Baku Tour – Make Unforgettable Memories

There is quote about traveling which is very famous “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, well isn’t a well described for traveler. There are so many, countries, regions, places, monuments, art, food and many more things to discover. Some remain in our heart, some in thoughts. I have had a memory of my first international trip to Baku. First that name itself was new to me. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and it’s one of the most happening cities here.

Here funky street art is common that’s what thought when I was first rushed to Baku streets. Streets are mostly full of green branches curling on walls, gates and railings and some wall art is also there, even on trees, can you imagine! Trees are painted with human face on it. On my Baku tour my mind was blown when I first saw Maiden Tower, oh it was so iconic place to visit. This tower reminds me of Qutub Minar which is in Delhi, India. The Old City of Baku have monuments, mosques and souvenir shops. I can bet that, if you were at my place you will also not willing to go back home. This city can’t lose its charm easily.

Later I went to Baku Boulevard, as a typical tourist wander, to search for tea shop and get some quality time with myself. It’s an amusement park with Caspian Sea, and woah! What big Ferris wheel was there I enjoyed my day with some beach games, then ate some European dim sum and went back to hotel.

Next day I went to the famous street of Baku called Nizami Street. It was one of the finest and elite streets I ever saw in my whole life till now. Let me tell you one thing whether its day or night I am 100% sure that this street will not going to lose its identity. But I was present here at day so next on my Baku tours I was headed towards one of the world heritage site called Palace of ShirvanShahs. It’s around 15th century old and so beautifully conserved by its country’s heritage. I clicked some good selfies here and at Nizami Street too.

But the place that I was eagerly waiting to visit is Goubstan, a National Park and Mud volcano reserve. This place already declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Here you can see more than 6000 stones which have stone paintings and stone carving art.

Here mud Volcano is very famous, from here people collect fresh mud particles from Mud volcano which later added in so many skincare products. I tried this same thing on my skin too, and it feels so good I admire that glow for a while. But with great travel comes great fatigue! And if you really want to enjoy the happening nightlife of Baku, you better prepare yourself before a day. Yes! I am serious, if here comes the question of Baku Nightlife, locals are very energetic, and you have match-up with their energy level. I was in a night club and later ended up with amazing and slushy mocktails, made some new friends and had one of the best nights in Baku, because music was so awesome. Indeed, it was my best trip ever, well here i insist you to book Baku tour package, I am sure this trip will stay forever young in your memory.

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