Mystery of Haunted Chernobyl Tour

Mystery of Haunted Chernobyl Tour

Chernobyl turned into a ghost town after nuclear power plant accident occurred on April 26, 1986 which has changed the map of the city. That was the time which has changed the exciting Chernobyl tour to today’s haunted Chernobyl tour. It was the largest disaster in the history of mankind. The blast took place in the 4th block of the Chernobyl power plant, positioned only 120 km from the Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and close to the border with Belarus.

The Chernobyl power plant was one of the largest plants of that time in the world. It was committed to a strategic military suite for the Soviet army. The big explosion happened due to a concurrence of many factors. Besides the fact that the reactor did not have an efficient security system, it had a small level of automation. On the deadly night of April 26, there was a test going on, which should have verified the inertial range of the turbo-generator unit.

Mystery of Haunted Chernobyl Tour

It was around 1:24 AM local time, 1 minute after beginning the experiment, two big explosions took place. According to some accident detectives, taking off all the control rods from the active zone of the reactor, along with the reactor’s growing power capacity, the explosion was inescapable. It was noted that safety systems were shut down and some are even out of service at the time of the initial explosion and the combination of radioactive steam and hydrogen gusted the 1,200 ton cover off the reactor and ruined the roof. After a few seconds there came a second blast.

Chernobyl Radioactive Cloud Travelling Around the World

Radioactive dust particles started moving out of the demolished, burning 4th reactor of Chernobyl power plant, which polluted the environment both near and far. Firemen who ran the plant at the accident did not know the reason behind the fire and thus they just poured water on the remains of the reactor. This turned the situation even worst and several smaller bangs followed, together with severe radioactive contamination.

Chernobyl Radioactive Cloud Travelling

City of Ghosts

Pripyat was once a well-established model city of the Soviet government and was founded in 1970 for the workers of the nuclear power plant and their families. The average age of the city’s residents was, at the time of the accident only 25 years old. Pripyat had all the amenities of a modern city – hospital, railway station, port, and even a fairground.

City of Ghosts

During the evacuation of the town, the locals of Pripyat were not allowed to take pets or cattle with them; due to the fact that these animals could have had their skin and furs infected with radioactive dust. Today, people are not allowed to enter the zone, with the exemption of few ex-residents visiting cemeteries or those with a permit, such as tourists and workers. Around 150 people (mostly pensioners) still living in this prohibiting zone and all are existing here at their own risk. You can meet them during your Chernobyl Tour and see how and where they are living and ask them why they returned. Apart from these residents, there are also approx. 3000 workers whom are in a distinct regime and take care of the Chernobyl zone itself. There you can see around 2500 workers still working at the Chernobyl power plant, even though it has been completely closed since 2000. Besides settling the nuclear fuel, these workers also certify radiation protection and electricity flow from Belarus to Ukraine and vice versa.

Pripyat is now converted into a new trending destination; city of ghosts and despite no-one living there, it has its own grace and atmosphere. Despite of non-stop duty of Police men, it did not prevent robbery and plunder, mostly in 1991 after the Soviet Union termination when the Chernobyl zone was less secure. The whole city of Pripyat has been robbed and there isn’t a single flat left that has not been visited by thieves, taking away all costly items to be found.

What to see on Chernobyl tour?

Amusement park with rusted swings, demolished kindergarten with dusty dolls, broken kids bedding and other things lying around provide an endless field for exploration while on Chernobyl tour from Kiev. While exploring Pripyat, you can see abandoned Soviet apartments, Schools, Prometheus cinema, music school, cafes, gyms, stores, hospital, malls, swimming-pools; stadiums and much more.

Chernobyl tour

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